Zombieland Zombie Walk…

24 09 2009

Are you in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, or Washington DC? Want to participate in a rather epic zombiewalk in your area? Want to see “Zombieland” for free? Or how about just looking for something fun to do next Wednesday night? If any or all of these apply to you… you might want to visit http://www.zombielandzombiewalks.com

If you’re in the southern California area and Thursday night is better for you head to San Diego for the 3rd Annual Food Not Brains! Zombiewalk & Food Drive, featuring a free “Zombieland” screening and a 21+ afterparty with live music and raffle prizes for zombies who donate to San Diego Food Bank. Details at http://www.sdzombiewalk.com

Also, this image comes from the long awaited music video we did for Rat City Riot back in March, well its finally done…

It is VERY silly but a lot of us worked very hard on it, thanks.