tattoo care guide.

8 09 2008

You go in to get your first tattoo, its amazing! The artist did a beautiful job, your stoked. On your way home you realize you totally forgot to find out what the heck you are supposed to do with the dang thing, and all of your friends cell phones are broken! (I assume this is the reason people need to know)

For some reason I people message me all the time, asking how I care for my tattoos after I get them done. Now I am in no way a professional, I just have a lot of tattoos that until I found how I liked to go about caring for them I was I guess you could say shopping around.

Here is my ULTIMATE favorite way to deal with a new tattoo…

First of all when I am finished, my amazing artist (Jackie Dunn of Flying Pather) will wrap it up all nice for me. From that point on its up to you how you care for it.


  • unscented soap
  • aquaphor healing ointment from eucerin
  • unscented lotion
  • a towl

After finishing up I keep the bandage on for a few hours, when I am around a clean bathroom, I wash up. I rinse the tattoo for a second and use the unscented soap to clean it. Then towel dry. For the first 3 days I use the aquaphor. I put it on 1-3 times a day and a VERY thin layer (if you can scrape it off with your nail, you put too much). In my opinion worse thing you can do while a tattoo is healing is put too much stuff on it (or go tanning then swimming) before putting any more on I wait until it is totally dried out. I also clean it once at night and in the morning. After those three days are up I switch to the unscented lotion and whenever it starts to feel dry or itchy I put that on.

Well, I hope that helped you guys out!

Let me know if you have questions.