About Styletto.

22 08 2008

Styletto creators are Cassidy Loftis and Tasha Parker. A business major and a hairstylist.

We had been wanting to create a publication that could help people, all people. We want to change the world with a blog! Well, to an extent.

Originally we wanted Styletto to be a magazine, but unfortunately with the lack of funds, time and knowledge that was very hard. But with the power of the internet we can bring you all the information and goodies we wanted only faster and and always at your fingertips. Eventually (within a week or so) you will be able to navigate this as if you were looking through the contents of a magazine to see which page your favorite section is on! Ultimately Styletto will be a printed magazine we just need your help and loyalty to make it work!

In our blog you will find everything from tutorials on how to make a bag out of an old t-shirt to how to finger wave your hair. You will get to peek at our awesome fashion finds and learn to cook some amazing cupcakes while your at it! Not only that but we will have some amazing reviews and advice. Honestly, the fun part about Styletto being a blog is whatever, whenever!

So bookmark us and keep checking back for updates!!!


by jessy parr




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