Friday October 11, 2013 with Poontang Clam at Strangers in El Centro

10 10 2013

Friday October 11, 2013 with Poontang Clam at Strangers in El Centro


Pastel Hair Color with Sally Lindley

17 04 2013

Did this fun ladies hair about a month ago for her youtube channel Look TV, and it turned out AWESOME! have a look!
Hair colored by Tasha Parker at Salon Styletto in San Diego, CA

Feather hair extensions!

12 01 2011

As some of you know, we have been doing the feather extensions for a while. In case you don’t know the feather extensions are awesome! If you are interested in getting some done and are in San Diego give us a call. 619-466-6226 as always first time clients receive 20% off so use it towards the best feather hair extensions in San Diego today!

Contest and new photoshoots.

15 07 2010

First things first, we are in a contest to be one of San Diego’s best salons.

It would be awesome if you guys could throw us a vote!

In other awesome news we did a photo shoot a few weeks ago for makeshift apparel and the hair and makeup turned out amazing.

Here are some photos of some pretty ladies and blonde afros for your enjoyment.

Hair: Tasha Parker

Makeup: Megan Mc Daniels

Photos: Erik DosSantos

Models: Amanda Wesselman, Bethany Rose, Sarina SD

Before and After Salon Photos

28 04 2010

While in the process of changing the website I came across the old salons photos, a lot of you have asked to see them and I figure I could just post them on here. So here is some pictures of our before and after salon remodel…

Website Remodel and Salton Sea Photoshoot

17 02 2010

Our website is in dire need of a makeover, but I know you all are wanting to look at something.
So I will give you a few pictures, these are of a photo shoot we did last year.

All photos courtesy of Jessy Parr
Jessy Parr Photographer, may star model, salon styletto hair and makeup

Tasha Parker hair and makeup/ jessy parr photography, may star model

jessy parr photography, may star model, salon styletto hair and makeup

And as always, first time clients receive 20% off!!!

Zombieland Zombie Walk…

24 09 2009

Are you in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, or Washington DC? Want to participate in a rather epic zombiewalk in your area? Want to see “Zombieland” for free? Or how about just looking for something fun to do next Wednesday night? If any or all of these apply to you… you might want to visit

If you’re in the southern California area and Thursday night is better for you head to San Diego for the 3rd Annual Food Not Brains! Zombiewalk & Food Drive, featuring a free “Zombieland” screening and a 21+ afterparty with live music and raffle prizes for zombies who donate to San Diego Food Bank. Details at

Also, this image comes from the long awaited music video we did for Rat City Riot back in March, well its finally done…

It is VERY silly but a lot of us worked very hard on it, thanks.